Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Three Employees - 13

Boss walked in and found a set of papers lying on the floor.
Boss (angry): You are all so irresponsible. Didn’t any of you see these papers lying on the floor right in front of the office? Or were you all so busy with your work that you couldn’t stop for a second to pick them up?
Employee Two: Sorry Sir.
Boss: Sorry, that’s the one word solution for everything with you, isn’t it? Do something wrong and then say sorry. Aren’t you ashamed? What are these papers?
Employee One: Those are property documents of Mr. S, Sir.
Boss: And they are lying around like a piece of garbage. Do you know how important these documents are? What if they got lost?
Employee Three: Mr. S has the original Sir.
Boss: That’s not an excuse for irresponsibility. And I know Mr. S better that any of you guys. He is worse than you all. I won’t be surprised if he says that he has lost the originals.
He asks us to keep his papers with belief that we would keep them safe; so that he could refer them tomorrow. But what do we do? We throw them around like a piece of garbage. Irresponsible idiots…
Why weren’t these papers filed? Up till last night they were on top of the front desk. Now they are lying on the floor. What if I hadn’t seen them? They would have been left there till the cleaning lady swept them away. Why aren’t they in their file?
Employee One: We keep three files for Mr. S, Sir, and there was a slight confusion as to which file they belong. So we thought we’d ask you before filing them.
Boss: So were you waiting for an auspicious moment to ask me? Tell me now, what’s the confusion?
Employee One: The three files we keep for Mr. S are ‘Documents and Deeds’, ‘Income Tax Matters’ and ‘Sales Tax Matters’.
Boss: So what’s the confusion? These should go to ‘Documents and Deeds’.
Employee One: I told them Sir but they didn’t agree.
Employee Two: The client has sold the property Sir. So now it is more relevant in ‘Income Tax Matters’, for calculating Capital Gains, etc.
Boss: So file them in ‘Income Tax Matters’.
Employee One: But the client hasn’t received the full sales consideration yet Sir. He might want to refer them again. So isn’t it better to file them in ‘Documents and Deeds’?
Employee Two: That makes Capital Gains computation even more difficult. So they should certainly go into Income Tax Matters.
Employee Three: Don’t leave Sales Tax out of this! When sales consideration is received against fixed assets point five percent VAT is payable on it! What if that point gets missed while VAT computation and audit? So they should go to ‘Sales Tax Matters’.
Boss: Point five percent? I don’t think it’s relevant.
Employee Three: Point five percent of Ten Crores Sir. It is relevant enough for the department to issue a notice.
Employee One: Which file Sir?
Boss was lost in thought.
Employee Three: Most relevant fact as of now is that we almost lost them. So may be the best solution would be to file them in ‘Miscellaneous’ or ‘Lost and Found’!!
Boss: Shut up you idiot.
And after some more thinking he gave the final verdict.
Boss: Take two more copies of the set and put one in each file!

-Ashok Sri Kirshna