Friday, 21 June 2013

 – A Collection Of Short Stories –

‘Gift’ is a collection of short stories which can entertain any reader irrespective of age group though it can be best categorized as meant for teenagers or children. The language throughout is simple and easy to understand. The stories are each written in a slightly different style. Humor, suspense and a twist in the end form a common theme in most stories.

   ‘Story introducing stories’ is a small and informal introduction to the collection. ‘Six lives no fame’ is about a soul who couldn’t achieve fame even after six lives on earth. ‘The knife that killed’ is about ill fate which goes with a killer knife. ‘My Love’ describes the trials faced by the narrator after he has fallen in love.

   ‘Story of vessels’ is a slightly formal account of an incident which took place in a temple. ‘Lesson learnt’ is about a school boy who plans to study but is too distracted. ‘Fredrick road’ is the story of a highly qualified but unsuccessful researcher.
 ‘Corruption vs. Corruption’ is a political satire. It tells about how a rich landlord and a political mastermind react against corruption. ‘Keep smiling’ is a story which describes the motto. ‘Mos’s murder’ is a short story of thriller genre.