Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Three Employees

2. Work Done Register

 Boss called the three employees to his room. He had just examined their work done register.

 Boss: What is this? Is this the way to keep a work done? You haven’t described, what you did, properly. Can’t you write one or two lines describing the job you did? You have just written the name of the client not what you did for him.

And what is this? All three of you have written the name of this guy and I still see his name in the pending work list. Are you guys working at all or are you making all this up?

 The employees remained silent.

 Boss: Well? What work did you do for this guy?

 Employee one: I received the files from him sir. Check the inward register. You’ll see my sign!

 Boss: You call that work? What about you?

 Employee two: I went through his files, sir, and prepared a work schedule. I’ll catch up with it soon! The work would be over before you know it!

 Boss: It better. And why is his name on your book?

 Employee three: I’m the one who actually did some work sir! Actual work; unlike receiving files or preparing a schedule! It’s because of me that we are even discussing this right now!

 Boss: What did you do?

 Employee three: I’m the one who put the guy’s name on the pending work list!

-Ashok Sri Krishna

The Three Employees

1. Good Day

 An angry boss greeted as he entered office (late): Good Morning!

 Employee one: Good afternoon… Sir.

 Boss (Angry at being corrected): GOOD AFTERNOON

 Employee Two (Looked at the clock; it was just past four): Good evening…Sir.

 Boss (angrier): GOOD EVENING

 Employee Three (‘Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening…What’s Left for me?’): Well…Good Night everyone!!


And from that day greeting in office was limited to Good Day!
-Ashok Sri Krishna